Township Candidates

Township Offices

Each Indiana township is governed by a township trustee and three-member advisory board, all of whom are elected to four-year terms.

Township trustees’ primary responsibilities are administering assistance, maintaining township parks and community centers, providing and maintaining cemeteries, providing fire protection in areas that do not include a city, providing insulin to the poor, keeping records and paying bills.

Duties of the board include adopting the annual budget, serving as a board of finance and approving township contracts. In January of each year, the trustee presents to the board an annual report showing the receipts, expenditures, investments and debts of the township. The approved report is then published in local papers for public inspection.

Clark Township

Advisory Board

  • Diane Lindley
  • Ben Wyatt

Franklin Township

Advisory Board

  • Samantha McMinn
  • Anita Rich
  • Brandy Wethington

Pleasant Township

Advisory Board

  • Mark Eccles
  • Sharon Laughlin

Union Township


  • Jana Chain

Advisory Board

  • John Baker
  • Ron Ping

White River Township

Advisory Board

  • David Heindenreich
  • Felicia Tiritilli-Davis