County Candidates



Jason Boudi*


 The sheriff’s duties include arresting and jailing lawbreakers; operating the county jail; preserving order in the courts; maintaining records, including the sex offender registry; serving state tax warrants; conducting sheriff’s sales on foreclosed homes; and issuing handgun permits.

Jason Boudi recognizes that the skills needed for sheriff in the 21st century are different from those needed in the past. His expertise in cybersecurity and administration is just as important as a law enforcement background. The Johnson County Sheriff oversees more than 120 staff members.

Jason spent more than 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, beginning his career at the lowest enlisted rank and retiring as a captain. He has earned a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, a master’s degree in electrical engineering and many certifications in information security.

Jason has successfully managed small technical teams and large scale operations, bringing groups together to achieve a common mission.

He is a strong advocate for common-sense gun laws, such as the licensing and registration of firearms and mandating taking a firearm safety course before purchasing a firearm. Jason also believes that locking up non-violent drug offenders only leads to violent drug offenders. Instead, non-violent drug offenders need rehabilitation and drug treatment.

Additionally, Jason is concerned about the inappropriate influence that money has on politics.

Jason moved his wife and three kids back to Johnson County four years ago to spend more time with his extended family.

*Photo by Mark Freeland


Judge, 8th Judicial Circuit Court


Steven Kennedy


The circuit court judge presides over felony criminal and domestic relations cases, including overseeing the juvenile magistrate’s docket.

Steven Kennedy has 15 years working with legal decisions (nearly five times that of the Republican nominee), including two years as a judicial law clerk to two Southern Indiana federal judges and 13 years as a hearing officer for the Indiana Department of Revenue.

He has practiced law for 40 years, nearly double the overall experience of the Republican nominee. Steven is also a former violent crime victims’ rights advocate, successfully suing the Indiana Parole Board to hold a public hearing on the release of a notorious convicted leader of a conspiracy in the murder of a teenage girl.

Steven earned a law degree from Indiana University’s McKinney School of Law, Indianapolis, in 1979 and a bachelor’s degree summa cum laude with a history teaching major and English teaching minor from Ball State University in 1975. He also graduated from Southport High School in 1971.

A 30-year Johnson County and Greenwood resident, Steve is a parishioner and Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion at Our Lady of the Greenwood Roman Catholic Church as well as a member of the Johnson County Democrats.

He has been married for 34 years to Jean Roland-Kennedy, R.N., a hospice nurse for Franciscan Alliance. They have an adult son, Jeffrey A. Kennedy, who is a mechanical engineer for Volvo, North Charleston, S.C.


Clerk of Circuit & Superior Courts


Kathy Stolz*


The most visible aspects of the county clerk’s position are to oversee elections and to issue marriage licenses, but less visible responsibilities include filing and maintaining a record of pleadings, motions, papers and other evidence and court rulings. The clerk receives payment of fines and judgments levied by the court, including child support payments. Additionally, the clerk secures jurors for grand and trial juries.

Kathy Stolz, with 30 years’ experience working with the local election process, will work to ensure a fair election process by replacing the current electronic voting machines with ones that will produce a paper trail. She will also actively work to increase voter turnout in the county by creating a community campaign encouraging everyone to vote.

Additionally, she will treat all users of the clerk’s office with respect, fairness and efficiency.

Kathy has spent her career utilizing her management and communication skills, first as a high school teacher, then as the director of alumni and parent relations at Franklin College and later as a program coordinator at Methodist Hospital. She also has worked in program management and fundraising for religious, education and non-profit organizations. She is currently a freelance writer, editor and speaker.

She earned a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University-Bloomington and a master’s degree from Ball State University. In addition, she earned a graduate certificate in non-profit management from Indiana University-Indianapolis. She is a graduate of Leadership Johnson County’s Signature Program with the Class of 1999.

Kathy is very active in the community, serving in volunteer roles at Franklin Study Connection, Bridges Alliance of Johnson County, First Scholars, Franklin Lions Club, Johnson County Democrats and Grace United Methodist Church. She is also a member of the Franklin Fire Merit Commission, Franklin Heritage and People for a Progressive Franklin.

*Photo by Mark Freeland



Kyle Swain*



The county recorder’s function is to maintain permanent public records involving a wide variety of instruments and to maintain and preserve all legal documents affecting title to real property.

Kyle Swain is running to improve local government by giving more options and access to the residents of Johnson County. His goals are as follows:

  1. To continue to modernize county services by enabling secured, online escrow and other payments;
  2. To create a neighborhood resource center for residents to have more insight into their neighborhoods;
  3. To educate residents on protections, such as property fraud alerts; and
  4. To expand the Honor Rewards system for military veterans from the abysmally low percent currently.

He has the technical know-how to implement policies to bring more convenience and access to information. Kyle has proven success in management, quality assurance, sales, volunteer organizing and customer service positions.

Kyle earned a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University with concentrations in political science, economics and history, along with a business certificate from the Kelley School of Business. He also graduated from Center Grove High School.

A life-long resident with strong ties to the community, Kyle is a member of the Johnson County Democrats, People for a Progressive Franklin, a volunteer and field organizer for congressional candidate Liz Watson, a Memorial Day Mile supporter, a Freedom Festival participant, a Community Hospital South volunteer and a Strawberry Festival participant.

Kyle is engaged to Yessenia Garza, and currently has two cats, Sandy and Zuko.

*Photo by Mark Freeland


County Council – District 2

(representing all of Franklin Township and much of Pleasant Township)

Thomas Jackson*



The Johnson County Council is comprised of seven members, four elected from districts and three elected at-large. Each member serves four-year terms. Members are responsible for setting salaries of county employees, the annual budget and special spending. The council also has limited authority to impose local taxes, usually in the form of an income tax that is subject to state-level approval, excise taxes or service taxes, like those on dining or lodging.

Thomas Jackson is running as an ordinary citizen to challenge the divisive ideas and policies we have witnessed in the past years. Like most Americans, he is convinced that the country is on a path that, if sustained, will lead to the decline of basic civility among Americans.

Most importantly, Thomas has a servant’s heart and a love for this community and its citizens. His goal as a County Council member would be to promote civility and dialogue in Johnson County and to ensure fiscal responsibility within its budgetary measures.

Thomas is a U.S. Army veteran with three master’s degrees. He is a doctoral student in public health at Indiana University.

*Photo by Mark Freeland